Those Funny Funguloids!

Those Funny Funguloids! 1.06

Collect mushrooms and transport them to your base in this free game
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Those Funny Funguloids! is a video game where the main objective is to collect some mushrooms, and transport them to a base. Every time you arrive to another base, you will be taken to the next level and do the same. Each level is pretty similar to the others, but colors are different.

In this video game there are three kind of mushrooms to collect and transport to your base. But take care not to collide with the asteroids floating in the space, because you have only one life. Every time you load mushrooms to your base, your score will increase, but the level of difficulty will be increased as well. Apart from the mushrooms and asteroids on the space, there are other elements that you will have to discover and pay attention to.

Maybe the most important feature of this video game is that it manages very nice graphics. It has been designed with nice visual effects and lots of details. Moreover, the background music and sound effects are good as well.

To sum up, if you want to try a truly different video game, you can download Those Funny Funguloids! and give it a go - because it is totally free.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Nice graphics
  • Open source


  • It's a little difficult to control the spacecraft
  • There's no tutorial or help file
  • Different levels are similar, but only differently colored
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